Apple Acquires – Advance Artificial Intelligence Startup

The name of Startup is Perceptio, developing technology to let companies run advanced artificial
intelligence systems on smartphones without needing to share so much user’s data. 
Perceptio company’s leaders, Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone, are both
established AI researchers. They are specialized in developing
image-recognition systems using deep learning. Deep learning is an
approach to artificial intelligence that lets computers learn to
identify and classify sensory input.
Apple confirmed this acquisition but didn’t disclosed the price that Apple pay or any other agreement details.

buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally
do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said Colin Johnson, a company

Perceptio’s goals were to develop techniques to run AI
image-classification systems on smartphones, without having to draw from
large external repositories of data. That makes easy for Apple to accomplish its goals of
trying to minimize its usage of customer data and do as much processing
as possible on the device.
Apple said last week that it had
acquired a U.K.-based software startup that made AI technology. These Big Giants always buy these type of startups to bring more creativity and innovative ideas to their company. In this too much competitive world, these things are important to be in the long run.  
More details: Recode

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