Apple Dropped OS X Title | New One is macOS Sierra [Overview]

Apple has confirmed at its 2016 Developer Conference that it will rename OS X to macOS.
The new version of the operating system will be called macOS Sierra.
In addition to a name change, Apple’s Craig Federighi announced a number of new features for the operating system.
These include:
  • Auto Unlock: if you are wearing an Apple Watch, you do not have to enter your password.
  • Universal Clipboard: the next Continuity update – copy and paste will work across all Apple devices.
  • Apple Pay: when you shop online, you’ll see a Pay
    With Apple Pay button, and you can authenticate your purchase with
    TouchID or Apple Watch via Continuity.
  • Tabs: all multi-window apps will automatically receive support for tabs.
  • Picture-in-picture: videos may be placed in a resizable box which sits on top of all other windows, including those in fullscreen mode.
Federighi also announced improvements to iCloud. Documents placed in
iCloud Drive are made available to both iOS and macOS devices.
You will also be able to upload old mail attachments, photos, and
other files to iCloud to save disk space. These files will be available
on demand, said Federighi.
Apple will launch a public beta of Sierra in July, the final version
will roll out to users “this fall” (22 September – 21 December).

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