Apple Event Started Now – Here are live updates

Thanks for being with us, we will now give more details on new products and services through upcoming articles.

That’s it, Apple Ends the event!
New iPad Pro with 9.7 inch screen is brightest, true tone display. True tone helps iPad Pro to adapt colors of environment, helps to read and do work on it more comfortably.

It’s now a turn of new Apple iPad Pro. 

CarPlay and News improvements and new features of these apps and services are now being shown and all these things will be available in iOS 9.3, available now.

iOS 9.3 is being showcased now with a nigh-shift feature and notes app – password protecting feature. App Suggestions feature in Health App.

iPhone SE have all that iPhone 6s does, its just a 4-inch most powerful phone. Its starting price is $399, making it most affordable iPhone, Apple ever launched.

iPhone SE now showcased, features a9 processor with iPhone 5s like design but iPhone 6s like features and colors. 12-MP camera, live photos, display flash, 4-K video recording, better LTE Support.

Apple tvOS new version, new features, now available. We will discuss this soon in new article.

New color for sport and leather bands, and a space-black Milanese loop known as “Spring lineup.” Starting from $299.

Tim Cook, Now back on stage 

Today Apple launched Carekit – a framework for developing Health friendly, disease prevention and curing apps. New apps build with this framework are available now on AppStore. CareKit is open-source and will be available in April.

Apple’s Research-kit possibilities and uses is now being showcased through videos and speech. How big it is and How much it could be helpful in healthy lifestyle.

Reuse and Recycling highlighted with its official website www.apple.com/recycling
Now Apple’s Lisa is showing Apple’s their growth among worldwide in renewable energy, their 94% stores are depending upon renewable energy resources to be fully powered 24 hrs. She discussed how their products packaging material is renewable and reused.
Tim Cook express his views on Apple vs FBI case and how people supported them.
Apple’s CEO – Tim Cook is on stage now, providing info about achievements – 1 Billion Active Devices across the world and 40th upcoming Birthday of Apple on 1st April.
Live Event Started with a beautiful video and clapping

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