iPhone SE Costs Just $160 / Rs.10,600 in Manufacturing [Revealed]

The manufacturing cost of Apple products is that cyclical theme that recurs every time Apple releases new product, especially a new iPhone. As of now, after the launch of iPhone SE and the appearance of the first teardown, it has become talk of the manufacturing cost of the new iPhone.
Just $160 (Rs.10,600), is what it would cost according to an analysis released today. This is the cost of 16GB variant and with little difference other variants costs Apple to manfacture.
The price of its components include the $22 it costs A9 processor and $20 IPS LCD display manufactured by LG Display, much less than the $41 it cost to make the iPhone 5s screen in 2013. This figure is noteworthy because the screen is the same so you see how the price has dropped within recent years. 
It is partly for this drop in price that iPhone costs so little, allowing Apple despite having reduced the price of the terminal compared to their older brothers iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, maintaining a margin of soaring profits. 
As a curious note that this margin is lower in the versions of 16 GB in 64 GB, reason behind which could be Apple’s interest in boosting sales of the version with more storage capacity. The disappearance of the 32 GB was once the trigger for an increase in average selling price of the iPhone so if you add this aspect would give even more sense of this.
We all know why Apple mark higher prices for buyers everytime, it’s all the matter of its OS. Apple only stands in the market with 4 to 5 times higher prices, just because of its monopoly in iOS. Nowadays there is much advanced smartphones are available in the market but those lack of iOS feel. We expecting a new competitor in Mobile OS with much better experience and availability for almost all devices, Samsung could be the one.

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