Apple Music For Android – Full Report

Apple is now looking for expanding its market by working beyond its self made boundaries. Steve-Jobs rules are also broken like making iPhone bigger and bigger, introducing Apple Pencil and now launching their services for other platforms. But things are very much acceptable also as to survive in the tech industry. Preferences of the users were changed and they started demanding bigger iPhones as they were paying a jaw dropping amount to buy a 3.5″ or 4″ iPhone.
Apple Music, this music service already got 11 million users in just few months but what is next ? Apple want to expand this service to other platforms. Recently some Android users and developers got invites to test Apple Music beta. Apple never release any of its product or service without being fully tested by developers and some users. It is confirmed that Apple Music service will be available to all Android very soon. Apple is sending invites for Android Apple Music Beta to those who had singed up with a service called Betabound. 

Betabound allows users to register interest in beta programs based on different type of programs. Each user who receives the invite has to go through a series of
questions that are related to music in some way, and some of the
questions are odd. One reportedly reads, “If you could only listen to 5
albums for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?” Anyone
using Betabound can try their luck being chosen for the beta.
Previously Apple released Move to iOS app that was hated a lot by android users and got thousands of bad reviews. But that was different thing, it will be really exciting to see how Android users will react on Apple Music service.
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