Apple iPhone 7 | Watch 2 – Special Event Ready To Blow

apple event

For the year 2016/17, Apple is ready to introduce its new Powerful Beasts in the Smartphone Market. We already mentioned before about the whole new iPhone 7 with less design change but much more powerful.

Apple marked this event as “Special Event” due to its remarkable achievements and figures like releasing iOS 10, 10th iPhone (iPhone 7) in Apple’s History, 2nd Gen of Apple Watch, 2,000,000+ Apps on AppStore with 130,000,000,000+ Downloads till date and much more.

These special things worth to be celebrated for. Apple event is less than 3hrs away from getting started. We had done arrangements here to get you the best things out of this Apple’s Event.

Apple’s September Special Event 2016 Details

Date7th September
LocationSan Francisco
Timings10 am PT, 1 pm ET
Live Stream Websitehttp://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2016/
Live Stream DevicesSafari Browser App for all Apple Devices including Mac, Apple TV Live Stream and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Event Started! Get Ready to Get Updates!

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