Apple vs Alphabet | Battle To Be The Most Valuable

After getting so much heat in the market, Google’s Alphabet becomes most valuable company of the world, overtaking Apple. Alphabet reported quarterly profit rose five percent to $4.92 billion on
the back of strong online advertising revenue, particularly from
searches done by holiday season shoppers using smartphones or tablets.
Alphabet will officially overtake Apple in market value if both companies’ shares open around current levels on Tuesday. Alphabet’s combined share classes were worth US$555 billion, compared with Apple, which had a value of about US$534 billion. 
With iPhone sales slowing and China’s growth engine sputtering, Apple is on pace to post its first revenue decline in 15 years.
There is still much more to see in upcoming days on how Apple maintains its position now. It is very hard to compare Apple with Alphabet as Alphabet undoubtedly, is a huge group of big companies, having a vast lineup of products and services. On the opposite side, Apple is a single company, not having an enormous products and services lineup.
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