Apple vs FBI: New Big Turn | Shock For Apple

As the US Department of Justice was just announced, you could access the data stored on the iPhone the assassin of San Bernardino, even without Apple’s help. Whatever method it was used, is still unclear.
Apple vs. FBI: US Department of Justice ended litigation, no help needed by Apple

A week ago, the FBI reported surprising that a ‘ve found possible method to access the data. At the same time they asked about shifting the scheduled court date.

The previously unknown method that the FBI allegedly by the Israeli company Cellebrite has been demonstrated to enter the iPhone 5c of the assassin of San Bernardino, but the most recent report, is clearly working.

As the US Department of Justice now announced (via USA Today ), was Apple’s help, contrary to previous assertions of the FBI but not necessary. According to the official letter could access the stored data and asked the court at the same time to end the dispute now. The invitation to Apple to develop a customized version of iOS, which is intended to facilitate the levering of encryption, so for the time being from the table.

The message means, but at the same time that a previously unknown method exists to penetrate at least in an iPhone 5c can, without having to know the PIN. For example, it is not known whether it is a hardware or software method to penetrate into the iPhone.

Against the aforementioned hardware method in which the memory chip of the iPhone is copied, talk reports that this variant was too dangerous for the authorities, because data loss is not excluded.

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