Apple Watch 2 | Improved | New Features | Specifications


On 7th September, in Apple’s Special Event, Apple showcased a new-gen “Apple Watch 2”. Apple Watch 2 is much faster, more apps and games also gone live on it. Specially mentioned Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch 2. Pokemon Go notify you always when a pokestop or pokemon appeared.

Apple Watch 2 is now said to be water proof, inbuilt speaker, dual core processor, powerful GPU (2x more), 2nd gen display, built-in GPS, better Maps and routes guide. Siri helps more to use Apple Watch without grabing or tap it.

New Apple Watch 2 Ceramic Material Made edition will be available, Hermes Edition is getting new updates too. Apple Watch Nike+ is specially designed and created for Runners. Nike+ Edition is a part of Apple and Nike’s collaboration.

Nike+ Edition features amazing running tasks, activities and apps to keep you more active throughout the week.

Apple Watch Series 2 and Nike Apple Watch+ are priced at $369 and original Apple Watch, with a boost to dual-core processor will be $269. Sept. 16 for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, Nike’s Apple Watch in October.

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