Apple Watch Hermès Edition – Now Available

Hermès is a french fashion company, collaborates with Apple to bring new attractive and fall in love like Apple Watches. This Apple watch was announced back in September in Apple’s iPhone 6S event. 

 As it is designed with collaboration, so this edition costs more. It is priced between jaw dropping $1100 to $1500, depending on models. These Hermès Watch comes with a beautiful leather band, exclusive watch faces only available for this edition and Hermès branding on stainless steel back of the watch. 

Hermès is available with different band types – Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff. Also available in different colors to choose according to your needs and likes. 

Single Tour model with a fancy classic buckle, comes in a choice of
brown or black. The official names of Single Tour models are Fauve
Barenia and Noir, and will cost $1100 including the Apple Watch.

First on Left is brown color Single Tour 42mm & 38mm – Fauve Barenia, after that black color 42mm & 38mm – Noir, red color 38mm – Capucine.

The Double Tour wraps around the wrist twice than Single Tour, its more costly – $1250 and only available as 38mm Watch model. The band are available in Bleu Jean(Blue Color), Etain(Grey Color), Capucine(Red Color), and Fauve(Brown color).

model is for those who want something different and with bold look. It
is little bit heavier than other models and band’s width is more but
length is same as single tour. It is available only in Fauve(Brown
Color), priced at $1500.

These Apple Watch Hermès models are currently only available in selected retail stores of Hermès and Apple around the world.

 Source: Apple

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