Apple: Official Retail Stores | Used iPhones | In India – Coming Soon

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recent years Apple notices a huge Indian iPhone users increment. There
is no doubt that how big Indian Smartphone market is and how different
tech giants targeting Indian customers as they know, their is still
enough market to cover up and build a strong hold on.

to rapid increase in second hand or used Apple iPhones market, Tim
Cook’s company decided to sell used iPhones in India. It is being
reported that Apple has applied for permission from the Indian
government to be able to import pre-owned iPhones into the Indian market
with the aim of selling them to consumers interested in saving a little
bit of money.
is also planning to open its official retails stores in India as they
are getting frustrated little bit on depending upon authorized retail
stores to sell their products. By this we can say, Apple is planning to
build major and long term base in India to get major boost in sales of
its products in India.

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part of the process to sell used iPhones in the country, Apple has
officially submitted a formal request to India’s Ministry of Environment
and Forests. Ravi Shankar Prasad, who operates as the Telecom Minister,
confirmed the receipt of Apple’s submission in a written reply to Rajya
Sabha of the Parliament of India: 

application from Apple regarding import of certified pre-owned iPhones
for sale in India and manufacturing certified pre-owned iPhones for sale
in India has been received in the ministry of environment and forests.”

interest in expanding into India should definitely be taken as a
positive by the Indian government. The Mac-maker has already announced
an intention to develop a $25 million site in Hyderabad that will focus
on the development of the company’s Maps service. That investment would
likely result in the creation of approximately 150 jobs that would
directly benefit the local economy.
Indian Government is yet to announce details on this and to provide official reply on this. Stay connected for more news updates.

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