Broadcast Wear | Digitally Customizable Clothing

The idea of digitally customizable clothing has been around for a while now. Many new startups and established fashion companies tried their luck in this, most have failed in one important aspect: wearability. Who really wants to pull on a shirt strewn with chunky, uncomfortable LEDs? That’s where a new Indian Startup “Broadcast Wearables” looks to be a real wardrobe changer with their upcoming programmable t-shirt named “Broadcast
The makers claim that the shirt is not only programmable and water-proof, but also flexible enough to be scrunchable, fits on your body comfortably – which appears to make this customizable garment ready for the clubs and the streets. It features a dot-matrix style display employing in-built LEDs.
You can change the slogan on your t shirt multiple times, and also share your designs in a community of Broadcast – wearers. In fact, you can download any design you like from the community and use it on your Broadcast! Changing of slogans, creating your own one’s and applying of these can be done from its companion app.
Makers will soon be launching a campaign on Indiegogo in first week of March, support them and get ready to add this amazing t-shirt to your wardrobe.
Update: This amazing T-shirt is now available. Click here to know.
Broadcast Wear Official links: Website| Facebook | Google-Plus | Twitter | YouTube

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