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Did you ever think about buying a single t-shirt and changing it daily?
Don’t get confused, it’s really happening. As we reported earlier about a
clothing company – Broadcast Wearables, redefining the way we wear clothes. Forget
about going to designers and tailors for customization, giving your precious money, spending so much time and even compromising for your clothing’s
You can now fulfill all your logo customization demands and apply creativity whenever you
want on buying a single programmable t-shirt. Just imagine, draw or simply choose any pic or
style and apply it on your t-shirt with a mobile app. Choosing your slogan/logo according to your mood and occasion.

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You are smart, your devices are becoming smart then why not your
Broadcast Wearables is back, making the idea reality and now t-shirts are
exclusively available through Indiegogo campaign. Stock is limited, so buy it
before the exclusive offers ran out. 

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Don’t care about material of clothes, it’s 100% Genuine Cotton, Washable, Touch Enabled, Comfortable, Safe and its even Waterproof.
Company is genuine and 100% verified by Technonize. Below are the links to reserve/order/buy one and know more about it.
Available Here: Buy Now

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