Do you Believe iPhone 7 will be Boring ? Don’t Judge it too Early!

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Within the last seven days, more than 1,000 professional bloggers wrote about iPhone 7. Some of them said its going to be boring, no big change, Apple is giving up, iPhone 7 has no excitements this time and much more titles are given to it.
Don’t Judge it too early!
Yes, that’s true, Apple is not redesigning upcoming iPhone this time but for good. We all love iPhone 6 and 6s design, except few. It is one of the best design, Apple made in history and that is the reason Apple don’t want to let it go like this. To keep it fresh, few little changes to design will be there. If high profile sources are to be trusted, 2017’s iPhone flagship is going to be getting a whole new design.

Reportedly, Apple for now is more focused on features and some deep improvements like hardware changes, performance upgrades, camera upgrade, better built-in speakers, removal of headphone jack and some other newly designed internals.
In the previous month (May, 2016), Apple’s CEO – Tim Cook said “iPhone 7 Will Have Features, You Can’t Live Without“. It’s surely going to be true, lets hope for another masterpiece from Apple. So, if you are a huge fan of iPhone then don’t get sad, reading those rumors. Apple is ready to amaze you once again, later this year.
Apple’s iPhone 7 event is still few months away and new rumors will create more buzz over the internet in coming up days but those are not 100% guranteed to be true, don’t let your excitements go down and get ready for the next-gen gadgets.
We will get you all updates on confirmed details about iPhone 7 very soon, Stay Tuned.

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