Download Any YouTube Video on iPhone, iPad and iPod | How-To-Guide

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Do you love to save YouTube Content offline? Want to play YouTube videos anytime anywhere? We have a solution.

YouTube introduced some great features in recent years, just as save offline feature which almost never works with high end videos. YouTube Red is also introduced in many countries now, which asks to pay US$9.99 on monthly basis for ad-free and some exclusive content experience on YouTube, posted by YouTubers. We must say, YouTube is now converting to paid service.
Moreover, all the downloaders available on the AppStore are blocked from downloading YouTube videos as YouTube restricts to do so.
There is still a way to download almost any YouTube video on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free and without jailbreak, below is the full walkthrough.

  • Any iOS device. No matter if it is jailbroken or not.
  • Internet Connection.
  • YouTube App – Must be Installed.
  • Your precious 5-10 minutes of time to set this up once.
Follow the below given steps to get the method working.

#Step 1. 
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Go to Settings App >> iTunes & App Store >> Tap on Apple id and then Sign Out.

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Now, In Settings App >> iCloud >> Scroll the screen and then Sign Out.
You have to sign out of your iCloud and AppStore to get this working. At the end of this method, you can Sign in again into your account.

NOTE: If you unable to Sign Out of your iCloud account, you can still give it a try by leaving iCloud for now.

#Step 2.
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After Sign Out step, Open Safari App and visit https://www.playboxhd.net/

Scroll little bit, find out – username and password.

Enter the given username and password in – Settings >> iTunes & App Store >> Sign in.

After sign in with the given id in AppStore, install any free app on your device from AppStore. Installing any free app is just for confirming that the following steps will work properly.
Remember: Sometimes, given id and password didn’t works or it says Apple blocked this id. In that case, just wait a bit and try again later or try again on next day in odd hours.
#Step 3 

Now, open Safari App and visit http://www.pgyer.com/cinemaboxios

Tap on Install App >> Install, as shown in above screenshot.
#Step 4.
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Wait for the app to be installed on your device. Once the app is installed and working, you are ready to download YouTube videos.

Remember: If app crashes or asks apple id, enter CinemaBox Apple id in iCloud via Settings App and then immediately turn off all options like Reminders, Backup and all. Don’t let iCloud to back up your data. Restart your device once you login in iCloud. Open Cinema Box app again after your device restarts.
#Step 5. 
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Open YouTube app on your device and search for the video which you want to download.

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You can tap on video’s menu for share from search results or simply play video and tap on share icon.
#Step 6. 
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Select Copy Link option and open Cinema Box app again.

#Step 7. 

Tap on Search icon on top right end and paste the link in search bar.

#Step 8. 
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Tap on >> Search >> Video Appeared  >> Play Video

#Step 9. 

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Select video resolution and finally tap on download icon.

#Step 10. 
You are done, your video is started downloading.
#Step 11. 
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To view download progress, open left menu and tap on Movies Synced. You will find downloading icon on top right end. Open it up and view your downloads.

Once video is downloaded, you will be able to play it from movies synced. Cinema Box is a player and downloader for great new movies and videos.
Once you completed this method, you can sign out from AppStore and iCloud and Sign In with your apple id.
Get the app, before it gets removed or banned. 

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