Dyson 360 Eye | Your Personal Home Cleaner, Coming to UK

DYSON 360 is a fully automatic vacuum and it took almost 20 years in making, and now it is first seen in UK.
The makers does their best to make its design top notch without compromising cleaning qualities. If it is compared to other similar products like Roomba, Dyson wins everytime.
 Dyson’s Robotics expert said:
“We haven’t made a perfect product,”  “But it is the best.”
In every comparison, 360 Eye stands out and seems to be king. Key to this is Dyson’s motor and cyclone technology. The 360 Eye is the only robot vacuum cleaner to feature cyclone technology – the same tech present in Dyson’s other vacuum cleaners.
Dyson is bit taller than some other competitors which makes it little hard to fit under bed for cleaning but the good thing is, it is narrower which means it can easily clean between tighter spaces like tables and chairs. 
 360 Eye navigation is impressive as it cleans methodically, starting in one spot and slowly moving outwards in small squares. This is a far more systematic approach to cleaning than any other robot vac seen yet, and it’s down to the inclusion of a 360-degree camera. It allows the 360 Eye to see in every direction, providing a better indication of where it is in the room.
 A big thanks to the makers for making it bumps free, means it doesn’t bump into things. Mostly but not all robot vacs, bump into objects – sometimes gently, sometimes less. But 360 Eye stops millimetres short of objects.

It is controllable with its companion app and you can set schedules, timers and receive alerts. You can even check a map in app for location of your vac, after it finishes up the work.
More announcements will be soon delivered to you, The 360 Eye is going on sale in the UK within few weeks.

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