FBI Found A Way to Get iPhone Data | Apple vs FBI case DELAYED now

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Everyday Apple vs FBI case is producing some new updates, making it more controversial topic. As we reported earlier, Apple vs FBI case is all about producing a tool to unlock – some locked iPhones and retrieving data as those particular iPhones are containing some confidential and important evidence about criminals, helps to put criminals behind the bars.
Apple still believe that if they produce a tool to unlock iPhone, it could be misused and will lead to the exposure of data (including private) of iPhone, used by people all around the world.
Apple said, it is against our policies and we will never produce such thing which give access to our users data.
FBI has officially filed a motion as part of an attempt to vacate the scheduled court hearing that was all set to take place in a Californian court on 22nd March, 2016. In the motion, the FBI claims to have found another way to gain access to the iPhone used in the San Bernardino shootings, and in turn, no longer requires the assistance of Apple to break encryption and provide a backdoor into the iOS platform.
Hearing in the Apple-FBI case has now been officially cancelled. Judge has granted the government’s request to delay the hearing.
Below is the full motion, FBI files for delay.

It is currently unknown, what methods are being produced or found by FBI to get into the iPhone and how much safer these methods are. Soon, new method will be revealed publicly and we will let you know about that.

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