Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Ready To Arrive – All You Need To Know

galaxy-note-7In the recent blog post by Samsung’s officials, the name of upcoming Samsung’s phablet is confirmed to be Galaxy Note 7 instead of Note 6. According to Samsung this skipping of digit 6 is to complement its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flagships, and to minimise confusion.

As the makers said “On August 2nd, Samsung Electronics will unveil the Galaxy Note 7” this confirms the Note 7 launch event date. Confirming the rumours were true, Samsung’s official described the Galaxy Note 7 as a “powerful instrument for achievement and self-expression, and is made for those who want to get the most from their phones – and their lives“.

They also focus on the S Pen functionality and larger screen by mentioning that Galaxy Note7 will “help people do more in work, at home and everywhere in between“.

Samsung also sent an event invites to the media, highlighting what appears to be the phone’s S Pen stylus. If we go with recent rumours, the S-Pen Stylus is getting a major update this time, though Samsung has yet to comment on those reports.

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