Glowing Backlit Apple Logo For iPhone 6 | 6 Plus [Guide]

From the day one when the first iPhone was released, people are demanding to include glowing backlit apple logo to iPhone and iPod Touch. We have seen beautiful glowing backlit in Macbook but company disclosed that it is not a part of iPhone or iPod’s design. So we have seen, people tried many tricks and ways to glow a logo at back.

Now we come up with a latest and best way to add a glowing apple logo backlit to your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. For buying, Links are given at the end of this post. Video is below, showing full demonstration on how to install it.

What it is?
It is like an add-on for your iPhone 6-6s that will cost you around 17$. After buying it, installation part comes. 
For installation, “I suggest you to take a help of pro in this as it might looks simple after watching video but you may damage your iPhone if you have no experience in tweaking iPhone hardware”.
It connects with your iPhone’s display and glows whenever display is on. It doesn’t affect your battery and fits perfectly in iPhone without any harm.
Here are buying options:

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