Intel’s New X Series Processors | Now includes CORE i9 [Extreme Series]

Intel announced a new X Series of Processor which excludes i3 series and includes i9 with more powerful i7 and i5. The main focus of these processors is to get best experience of Virtual Reality, Advanced Gaming, Multi Tasking of High end editors and creator softwares.

We are now moving to the blink of eye processing speeds. Core i9 Processor offers 18-cores and 36-threads and costs jaw dropping $1,999. Don’t worry if you are planning on something mid range budget or low budget. You can easily get your hands-on i5-7640X for $242 with four cores and four threads. Those who are looking for some mid budget and better performance can opt for the Core i7 X-series, which starts from $399 and offers 4-cores and 8-threads.

Just like i5 and i7 base lineup starting from $242 and $399, Core i9 is getting very similar range in its values. You can speed up your desktop pc with extreme series i9 chip from $999 for a 10-core and 20-threads processor to a $1,699, 16-core and 32-threads chip and as already mentioned 18-cores and 36-threads chip at $1,999 to max out.

No matter which processor you buy, it will be compatible with the new Intel X290 chipset. Intel also mentioned about its 8th Gen Architecture (Coffee Lake Chip). According to Intel, users can expect 30% increase in performance over the existing 7th Gen chips. The market distribution of these parts is said to be started later this year. We can expect year 2018 with many High End devices with Extreme Series Processors.

If you want to dive more deeper into this and learn more about these processor then click here >> Intel PDF << to download Intel’s Detailed x-series PDF

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