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Apple has revealed iOS 10, the next version of its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 10 will come with several new features, including updates to the lock screen, 3D Touch, Siri, and Photos.

iPhone 6s users with iOS 10 will be able to interact with notifications from the lock screen using 3D Touch.

By pressing and applying pressure to a notification, you will be able to reply to messages without leaving the lock screen.
You can access the camera by swiping right from the lock screen, and app widgets by swiping left.

Big Siri update:

Apple also announced a significant update to Siri, which will open it up to developers.

It will be possible to command your iPhone to “Send a WeChat to Nancy”, and it will open the WeChat user interface.

At launch, there will be messaging support for Slack, WhatsApp, and WeChat.
Apps like Uber, Pinterest, RunKeeper, Square, Vonage, and Skype will also be supported.

Siri’s intelligence will be coming to the iOS keyboard too, said Apple. It will offer reply suggestions to messages you receive.

If someone asks, “Where are you?”, Siri will offer to respond with
your current location. If they ask for a contact’s information, Siri
will offer to send the most relevant contact details.

More new features:

Other new features coming to iOS 10 include:
  • A new Universal Clipboard that allows “copy and paste” to work across all Apple devices.
  • A Raise to Wake feature, that will wake the phone’s lock screen and display notifications and updates when the device is lifted.
  • An update to the Photos app, which adds object and
    scene detection functionality – allowing photos to be sorted
    automatically. Photos will also receive the ability to automatically
    create a video of the photos and video clips you took on a trip, for
    example, and set it to music.
  • Apple Maps will get a new design, which will
    include more predictive actions from the software and updated traffic
    information. Maps will also be opened up to developers.
  • Apple Music is getting a complete redesign. A new, simpler interface will improve the user experience, said Apple.
  • Apple News is also getting a new design, along with breaking news notifications and subscriptions functionality.
  • HomeKit has received its own iOS app, which lets users interact with various smart home gadgets – such as smart cameras.
  • Voicemail transcription and a
    voice over IP API for incoming calls to look like regular phone calls
    has been added. Contact cards will also now show icons for services like
  • Apple’s Messages app will display emoji three-times
    bigger, and will let you “emojify” words. It will also let you style
    the message bubbles to convey emotion. iOS 10 will allow users to type
    message using smaller or larger text, and adds a rich media system that
    lets you embed YouTube links or other web features without leaving
    iMessage. Integration for Apple Music will also be introduced, while the
    iMessage app will be opened to developers.
Apple’s iOS 10 Music Video – Hey Hi Hello:

A developer preview of iOS 10 is available now. A public beta
will launch in July, and a free upgrade will roll out to all users
“this fall” (22 September – 21 December). Till then, you can check out official unofficial links of iOS 10 here.

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