iOS 9 Jailbreak Release Date Confirmed | Pangu Jailbreak Event | All 32-bit, 64-bit Devices Included

Jailbreak is always one of the best part for an iOS device which is always hated by Apple. Apple’s fight against Jailbreak is from many years now and what this company does to make iOS – jailbreak free is a proof of how much Apple hates it but as jailbreakers always said, there is nothing to prevent iOS from being jailbroken. It might be difficult sometimes but never be impossible ever.
Few days back, we reported about new jailbreak exploit, found but no software were released for general users to make it work. It was only for some high end developers/coders. As iOS 10’s kernel is also found to be non-encrypted in iOS 10 beta 1, jailbreakers got benefited from this as they explore and tested the things more easily.
Image Source: 3u.com

Pangu’s Release Announcement

In the recent reports by 3u.com, source shared some proofs, claiming 1st July as the day when Pangu Team officials will finally announce iOS 9 jailbreak including all new iOS 9 versions and off-chance for iOS 10 beta too. According to reports, Pangu Team sent invites for its new jailbreak tool release event (MOSEC).
 Image Source: 3u.com
People were starting loosing there hopes of jailbreak but this type of news at this point of time seems to be like magic happens again. As we said earlier, most of the jailbreaks released in the month of June and July, hopefully this is the one were expecting. We all waited for so long for this and now these few more days wait doesn’t matters much.
Stay Tuned, we will soon update this article with more details on upcoming Jailbreak.

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