iOS 9.1 Jailbreak [32-bit Devices] | iOS 9.2, 9.3 Jailbreak | iOS 10 beta Jailbreak

Today is a major day for many Jailbreak fans. Jailbreak is arrived for a major iOS version – iOS 9.1 and below for only 64-bit devices including iPad Pro. Don’t worry if you are having 32-bit devices. Jailbreak experts are already working on jailbreaking 32-bit devices and will release as soon as they get the job done.

Check the regular updates on new Jailbreak at the end of this post.

Pangu Jailbreak Team tweeted today on releasing Apple TV 4 Jailbreak – next week. Apple TV 4 users will get more entertainment as this jailbreak will help them to unlock some extra and advanced features which Apple fails to provide or restricts. This will give the advantage to Apple TV 4 users of getting a whole new experience and more value for their money paid for Apple TV. 
 According to tweet, jailbreak will be available only for tvOS 9.0.x only, not the latest tvOS 9.1, 9.1.1 and the upcoming tvOS 9.2. If your Apple TV is still on tvOS 9.0.x, DO NOT update if you plan to take advantage of this jailbreak when it becomes available sometime next week.

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Upcoming Jailbreak

 Reportedly, Jailbreak Community is already working on future updates of Jailbreak to cover up latest iOS versions and all iOS devices. Recent tweets and sources reported that vulnerabilities are found in the latest iOS versions too, showing more possibility of jailbreak. 

Jailbreak not only ends on this. According to rumors, experts are working on Apple Watch and Mac OS/OSX jailbreaks. This will help the users to experience a bunch of new features, mostly the wanted ones like more watch faces, 3rd party apps and tweaks, more connectivity features and a lot more stuff.

Below are the most recent things happened in the Jailbreak World.

Update x1.
Jailbreak for Apple tvOS 9.0.x – 9.1 is now released. Visit PanGu website to download tools.

Update x2.
According to Jailbreak Community leaks, many cydia and cracked app developers are now trying out some new methods to get their stuff be able to install without jailbreak. There are still no signs of iOS 9 jailbreak for latest versions and all devices including 32-Bit.

Update x3.

Jailbreak exploit for iOS 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 is finally available, jailbreak developers can use this exploit to generate a working jailbreak tool for devices including 32-Bit devices. Check the full details here.

Update x4.

Mosec Jailbreak Event: New iOS 10 Beta Jailbreak shown fully working on stage and many new details are revealed. Click here to know more about this. 

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