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Many iPhone users are still using iPhone 3G. They got little bit disappointed as Apple stopped working on iPhone 3G model, no more apps or updates will be arrived for iPhone 3G users now.
So, today we have surprise gift for many iPhone 3G lovers, whited00r Community which is simply great and helping iPhone 3G users, by creating mind boggling updates for iPhone3G & other old iPod touches, again shocked Apple developers and iPhone lovers.

  Recently, iOS 6 unofficial update is released by whited00r for iPhone 3G and older devices.
New iOS release by whited00r have some stunning features like new AppStore containing compatable apps, all iOS 6 like icons, camera with video mode included, notifications enabling, multitasking, its faster and better update, better UI, some more new features and moreover no lags. Every iPhone 3G user must try it as it really worth giving a try.

If you guys are having any problem with installation or performance of whited00r firmware then mail us, solutions will be provided as soon as possible. Please do not pay for this, if anyone asks, its 100% free.

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