New iPhones | New iPads | Apple 2013

iPhone 5S and iPad 5 rumors are already started heating up Google searches and many news portals. According our sources, Apple iPhone 5s will get some features and internal upgrades like better camera quality, faster processor and new motion sensing technology but design will remain same as of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5s is reported to enter mass production in July, 2013. The new iPhone 5s is also rumored to feature a fingerprint scanner, which is based on the Authentec technology acquired by Apple, last summer.
There might be a chance of new cheaper iPhone this time as we all know apple releases iPad mini which costs less than an actual iPad and it includes less features than original iPad. So, there might be chances of new cheaper iPhone to happen in next year.
Cheaper iPhone could be beneficial for Apple as it will directly target mid-range smartphone market.

iPad 5 and iPad Mini will also get upgrades in 2013. Our sources reported that iPad Mini 2 will get display upgrade as retina display will be included and iPad 5 might get few design changes this time. No more specifications or leaks are known yet, we will keep you updated as soon as we get new updates on this. Stay Tuned!

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