Samsung Galaxy Note 7 | New Feature Revealed | Coming Soon

Galaxy Note 7 is expectedly releasing soon, including a futuristic feature – iris scanner. We heard about fingerprint scanner, a best way yet to secure your smartphones from being misused by evil hands but this iris scanning technology provides more secured and easier way to unlock your device by scanning your eyes.

Reports suggest that Samsung has been working on an iris scanning technology since 2014. But a new patent leads to the rumor that we could be seeing this technology sooner rather than later. According to the patent, the iris recognition system will rely on three individual lenses, a dedicated lighting device, and an image processing system.

The system would rely on two narrow-angle lenses for capturing the individual eyes of the user. These would be used alongside a wide-angle lens to capture the entire face of the user. Together, these images would be used to capture and verify the identity of the person attempting to unlock the device.

Samsung Iris Scanner 3-illustrations detailing the multiple camera setup expected to be used in the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. Besides the lenses, one of the key elements in the patent is a built-in infrared light, which will shine on the eye of the person attempting to unlock the phone. This would provide a more accurate image than using ambient light and wouldn’t blind the user as an LED light would. For such a technology to be commercially successful, Samsung would need to balance security with convenience.

Fingerprint scanners are extremely quick and although iris scanners would be more difficult to fool, the latency of such a system could prove to be a downfall. In addition, the individual components in an iris-scanning system will likely cost more than a fingerprint scanner, inevitably raising production costs.

It is being acknowledged that this type of technology needs more space to fit with other internals of a device as the manufacturers are leading to making devices more thinner and bezels free devices, this could reverse the process and results to a bit heavier and less thinner devices. This will be interesting to see that how Samsung pack all goodies into one package.

As we said earlier, these all are rumors and can’t guaranteed to be 100% real. We will let you know final specs and price very soon.

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