Sony RX10 III: Details | Specs | Features | Price

The 20.1MP superzoom uses the same 1-inch backside illuminated, stacked sensor that’s in Sony’s RX100 IV and has many of the same features that camera introduced.
Sony RX10 III have the same speed of 20 megapixels entumssensor sitting in RX100 RX10 IV and II. The rapid readout facilitates autofocus and makes it possible to shoot in 4K / 60p.
The new lens offers a picture angle equivalent to 24-600 mm. It’s the same scope as the direct competitor Canon has G3X. The lens of the Sony RX10 III has higher brightness of f / 2.4 to 4.0 compared to f / 2.8 to 5.6 for G3X. Both are weather sealed. G3X lacks a viewfinder, and 4K video.

The combination of relatively large sensor, long telephoto and high
brightness makes the lens becomes large and relatively heavy camera to
be a so-called super-zoom compact. Libra stops at 1051 grams with battery and memory card. Compared to a SLR camera with the corresponding telecommunications is RX10 III course both light and compact.

Sony RX10 III will begin shipping in April. The price is set at whopping $1,500.

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