Classic Mario Game for iOS | Super Mario Run


Do you already gone crazy playing Pokemon Go ? Nintendo on Apple’s 7th September Special Event, announced a new game called Super Mario Run coming on all iOS devices later this year. Super Mario Run is very much identical to classic Mario game with new modifications and features, making it more fun to play on touchscreens.


In this iOS game, Mario will run automatically, you just have to tap for jump and performing other activities. Multi-Player functionality will also be there to challenge, compete or race with your buddies.

Super Mario Run GamePlay:

Niantic CEO – John Hanke mentioned some more remarkable achievements like Pokemon Go coming to Apple Watch, 500 Million Downloads of Pokemon Go till date. Nintendo shares ended the morning session up 13.2% at their highest since late July, adding $6 billion to the company’s market value.

In coming up days more is yet to come. Developers of games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds may get worried now. The other giants in iOS and Android gaming market have to offer something extra and huge updates to maintain their positions.

Super Mario Run’s Description


It’ll be free to download with a set purchase price, and Nintendo says it’s “coming soon” to the App Store. It’ll be out by this holiday, they say. Super Mario Run will soon be announced for Android too as confirmed by Nintendo. Ready to get crazy this time!

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