Thinking About Tesla Model 3 | Things You Need To Know

Things you need to know about the Tesla Model 3

It’s been 10 years in the making, but Tesla has finally unveiled its first mainstream electric car, the Tesla Model 3.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the wraps of his company’s new car at an
event in California, where he made clear his hope that the Model 3 would
bring electric cars to the masses. Considering the company posted a net
loss of $889m (£620m) last year, investors will be hoping that Musk’s
plans come to fruition.
But what exactly makes the Tesla Model 3 the car to achieve such a
feat? Elon Musk’s firm had great success with its Model S car, which
became the best selling pure-electric vehicle in the world, despite
Tesla’s financial woes. So, what makes the Model 3 different?
There are still more features to be announced as the Model 3 release
date comes closer. But in the mean time, we’ve rundown the five things
you need to know about the Tesla Model 3 right now.

1. It’s reasonably priced and should be here within two years

One of the biggest announcements to come out of Tesla’s big reveal
event was the Model 3’s price. At $35,000 (about £25,000) for the base
level model, the new premium sedan is relatively affordable compared to
other cars on the market. The Model S starts at $70,000 (around
As Musk said at the unveiling “you will will not be able to buy a better car for $35,000.”
 If you fancy switching to an electric car and you think the Model 3 might just be the right way to do it, you’ll need to put $1,000 down as a deposit. Musk also announced at the event that more than 130,000 pre-orders have been made already, and was ‘reasonably confident’ that Model 3 deliveries would start towards the end of 2017.
You can pre-order the Model 3 from several countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, Brazil, India, China and New Zealand.

2. It’s also reasonably fast

Tesla’s all electric experience doesn’t come at the expense of speed.
The base level Model 3 manages 0-60 in less than six seconds, although
other versions will apparently go ‘much faster’.
The current Model S comes in a range of options, all of which will do
0-60 in less than six seconds, with the Performance versions managing
an impressive 2.8 seconds. It’s likely the Model 3 will come in a
similar range of models, although exactly what form those will take is
yet to be confirmed.

And if you’re concerned about safety, the Model 3 comes with a
five-star safety rating in all categories. According to Tesla, that
means the Model 3 will be the safest car in its class.

3. One charge won’t take you as far as the Model S, but Supercharging is supported

Whereas the Model S takes you 275 to 315 miles on one charge, the
Model 3 will only manage 215. That’s still respectable, especially
considering the car also supports Tesla’s Supercharging. This charging
network is comprised of a series of free-to-use high-speed charging
stations ‘strategically placed’ near ‘restaurants, shopping centres, and
Wi-Fi hot spots’ in America, Europe, and Asia.

You can check out a map of charging station locations here, with Tesla saying that by the end of 2017, there will be 7,200 worldwide – double the amount in operation today.

4. Autopilot returns

You may have seen some disconcerting YouTube videos showing the Tesla
Model S veering into oncoming traffic thanks to an Autopilot seemingly
bent on self-destruction. But those incidents happened largely because
people were using the feature in situations where they shouldn’t have

That’s reassuring considering Tesla has fitted the new Model 3 with
the same Autopilot system – meaning the vehicle will be capable of
steering itself and avoiding collisions. Autopilot comes as standard, so
you won’t have to pay extra to get the feature.
But, if you want what Tesla calls ‘convenience features’, essentially
giving Autopilot cruise control and the ability to self-park, you will
have to pay extra. At present those ‘convenience features’ cost an extra
$3,000 (about £2,100) but it hasn’t been confirmed whether the price
will be the same for the Model 3.

5. It looks pretty sleek

Tesla’s latest design might just be its most refined yet. The Model 3
looks seriously futuristic, with an all-glass roof that stretches from
the front windscreen to the back of the boot.

Inside there’s a single 15-inch landscape touchscreen display where
you’ll find all the dashboard functions. Plus, Tesla’s design team has
managed to make the Model 3 a distinctly spacious offering thanks to not
using a combustion engine. Musk said: “It has by far the best roominess
of any car of this size.”
The Model 3 will seat five people and has storage space at the front and rear, making for a sleek yet practical vehicle.
More reports on sales and availability dates in different countries will drop here soon, stay connected.

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