Windows 10 Anniversary Update | Next Big Update | Official Announcement


Windows 10 is one of the finest version of Windows, according to Microsoft. Reviews given by the users till date are bunch of mixed reactions. Still Microsoft is working hard to satisfy all its customers and this new upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update is expected to be huge, with much more fun and innovative features.

For a while its been there in a news that Microsoft would launch the much-anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update on July 29. However, a mysterious press release that briefly surfaced earlier this morning would seem to suggest something else. A post was published to the Microsoft News Center that contained nothing but the headline “Microsoft announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update available Aug. 2,” according to a report from Windows Supersite. The incomplete press release was swiftly removed from the site shortly afterwards.

There’s a huge possibility that this was simply a placeholder date being used as part of a test post. That being said, there are several pieces of information that might explain why Microsoft would prefer to launch the update on August 2 as opposed to July 29. Microsoft has already demonstrated its fondness of Tuesdays by distributing routine updates and patches on that particular day of the week. It’s also interesting to note that the offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10 is still scheduled to end on July 29.

Conventional wisdom would perhaps dictate that Microsoft would want to take advantage of the buzz around a major update to entice any holdouts to make the jump — but the strategy of ending the promotion just ahead of the first major update to the operating system also has its advantages, as it might encourage users to upgrade for fear they’d miss out on the big update.

Microsoft has not yet responded on this officially but actually it doesn’t matters much as date difference is not so far to think about it seriously anymore. Get your Windows 10 devices ready for this mighty update.

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